Info file

You need to load a file

Example file: cyp1b1_infofile.txt

You need to define your format

Correlation matrix or Raw data

You need to load a file

Example file: cyp1b1_res37_rawMatrix.txt

You need to define your format

Configuration file

If you do not want to define the parameters of coMET via the interface, you can download the example configuration file and modify according to your data. But you have to modify at least 3 parameters ( mydata.format (format of info file), CORMATRIX.FORMAT ( format of raw or correlation matrice), cormatrix.method (method to analyse the raw data if it is raw format) )

Example file: config_cyp1b1_zoom_4webserver.txt

Parameters for P-value plot

Parameters of image

Info file for the second set of data (e.g.= gene expression, validation data) (optional, no limitation)

Example file: cyp1b1_infofile_exprGene_region.txt

Annotation track (optional)

Save your image

Submit the data:

You need to click on the "plot" button and go the coMET plot tab.

The creation of plot takes time relative to the time to connect UCSC and ENSEMBL